Round the World (RTW)

 I traveled on a slow boat from northern Thailand into Laos.

Traveling around the world (RTW) is a life-changing experience.

In June 2008, I left my Research Manager job at HBO to embark on a year-long backpacking journey with my fiance. It was difficult to leave a successful career in Manhattan, but the trip was the adventure of a lifetime.

I visited over a dozen countries in the South Pacific, Asia, Africa and South America. My favorite destinations were the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Fernando de Noronha in Brazil and Koh Lanta in Thailand. I camped in the Outback, road tripped through northern Argentina and hiked down Peru's Colca Canyon. Not bad for a Long Island native accustomed to city life!

I blogged throughout the RTW trip and I continue to write about my travel experiences for and other publications.

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