Saturday, September 18, 2010

Check out my guest post on Cumi and Ciki - NYC's Top 5 Cheap Eats!

When Ciki approached me on Twitter to write a guest post for the Cumi and Ciki blog, I was excited-- and a bit nervous.

Cumi and Ciki is a sleek food and travel blog with the best food photography on the web. The posts always include tantalizing close-ups of exotic dishes. Malaysian chicken rice, scallop carpaccio and prawn tempura are just a few recent selections.

My assignment was a topic I knew a lot about: New York City's "cheap eats".

As a freelance writer (aka hustler) and bargain hunter, my dining tastes skew towards the ultra affordable. My diet consists mainly of $1 pizza and bubble tea-- with a side dose of San Loco tacos and $2 falafel.

>> Click here to read my guest post: "Top 5 cheap eats in Lower Manhattan"

LeslieTravel doing "research" for her 'Cumi and Ciki' guest post!
I was confident that I could write about NYC's cheap eats but was nervous about the photos.  I'd never taken close-up shots of food that came out well. Usually the flash created a blur of white instead of showing a sumptuous meal.  When I skipped the flash, the food would look grainy or out of focus.

After picking up some photography tips from Ciki (@agentcikay) and her Facebook friends, I set out with my Canon G11 to photograph Lower Manhattan's best budget meals.

This post was a great excuse to visit my favorite restaurants under the guise of "research." My first food photographs didn't come out well, so I ended up revisiting some of these inexpensive spots. I wasn't complaining-- although my waistline was rapidly expanding!

I discovered that my old compact camera, a Canon PowerShot Elph, has a "macro" setting (marked with a flower icon) that is perfect for up-close food photography. I managed to get some good shots of tasty burgers, tandoori chicken and bubble tea.

What do you think of my food photography- am I ready for a Gourmet magazine spread?

>> Guest Post: Top 5 cheap eats in Lower Manhattan (dine like a real New Yorker)


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  1. NYC's 21 club is offering its first group buying discount wth Zagat and dealon - - choose NYC (we bought 4!)

  2. You know I love budget options when traveling! Good post on this. One of the best tips from this post was about the macro setting for up close shots. I didn't know that but will use it going forward!