Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lifetime Digital publishes my quiz, "Which Celeb Dad Is Like Your Man?"

It's official: I can now add "quiz writer" to my list of accomplishments! Lifetime Digital just published my first celebrity quiz, one of several I wrote on assignment for the website.

If you've ever wondered "which celeb dad is like my man?" this is the perfect time to find out!

I enjoy writing quizzes because they unleash my creativity.  I've always been a pop culture junkie; I grew up watching TV from the moment I got home from school until I went to bed.  I'd tune in to Thundercats, Inspector Gadget and Heathcliff, followed by Oprah, Three's Company, Diff'rent Strokes and Cheers.

Now I watch several movies and TV shows each week on Netflix. I recently rewatched a season of ALF on DVD and can report that most of the jokes hold up over time. (My recent picks also include heavier fare like Bad Lieutenant and Mean Streets).

I call upon my years of TV and movie experience when writing a quiz. Once I develop a topic, I research the characters or actors and brainstorm potential questions. I try to make the choices as juicy as possible.

But you be the judge. What do you think of my latest assignment?

>> Take the quiz: "Which Celeb Dad Is Like Your Man?"


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