Friday, November 2, 2012

Surviving Hurricane Sandy and the Lower Manhattan Blackout

Hurricane Sandy may be history, but the storm's presence can still be felt in downtown Manhattan. My neighborhood, the East Village, is just ending its 4th day without power or cell service.

It's not fun living in "SoPo" (South of Power, the new name for the unfortunate half of Manhattan), but it is definitely interesting!

Click here to read my photo essay about the hurricane and blackout on Downtown Traveler!

I was also interviewed by the Wall Street Journal this week because I used a pay phone when the power went out. A novel concept, in this day and age! Click here for the story about New Yorkers resorting to old-school technology after Hurricane Sandy.

And click on The Daily Beast for an Instagram photo of me using a bonafide NYC pay phone. (Rest assured I hand sanitized my cheek after touching it).

For more blackout picks, follow me on Instagram (@leslietravel).

If you are stuck in the blackout, good luck! May our power and cell phone reception return ASAP.

The street is the new office during the Manhattan blackout. (Photo: Leslietravel on Instagram)


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